established in 2005

Known locally as the Sweet Spring building, this 4 story stone structure was built around 1900 after a couple of fires consumed most of the wood structures in downtown Eureka Springs. The building has housed everything from a mortuary to a grocery store and apartments, though for most of the last 30 years, the street level spaces have been used for retail shops and galleries, and still serve that purpose today. 

The Anderson suite opened in 2005 after extensive renovations to the space that included repairing the stone walls, installing new hardwood floors, and completely redoing all plumbing and electrical service. After a few years of success and having to turn away people because there was only one suite, the Galloway suite was opened in 2011.

Some long-time visitors to Eureka Springs may remember a tourist apartment called "The Green Level" where the Galloway is now. Time had taken a toll on the old interior after it had been used for retail space for a number of years by a succession of various shopkeepers with little success. The longtime owner of the building, Lucilla Garrett, is also an interior designer, and it is her vision  that brought Twilight Terrace into being with the help of several tradesmen and the carpentry skills of Mark Wilson, a truly skilled craftsman.

It is hoped our guests will continue to enjoy Twilight Terrace for many years to come...