Makinging your reservation

After contacting us and discussing your request, your reservation will be secured by charging the first night's rate  as a deposit with the balance of your stay being charged upon check-out. You will then receive a confirmation via email. Reservations may be cancelled by notifying us at least one week prior to arrival to receive a refund of the deposit. If a reservation must be cancelled less than a week before arrival, the deposit will not be refunded. Twilight Terrace is a small inn, and cancellations are strongly discouraged as it is difficult to re-book a suite on short notice.


pets, children, and smoking

Twilight Terrace does not accommodate pets or children. Our suites are designed for two adults only. Smoking is strictly forbidden inside the suites, but there are ashtrays on the terrace to allow for outside smoking only. Thank you!


inclement weather policy

Winter weather in the Ozarks can be unpredictable, so please keep that in mind when making reservations. If weather conditions are forecast to be dangerous for travel, your deposit will be held for a future booking, and every effort will be made to reschedule your stay.